Mountain Women’s Talk 2019

To emphasize the connection between the “leading women of the industry” and the end consumer #shadesofwinter in cooperation with BMW MOUNTAINS hosted its first MOUNTAIN WOMEN’S TALK presented by 150 women followed Sandra's invitation to join her and other leading female outdoor athletes, filmmakers and influencers for the first #SHADESofwinter MOUNTAIN WOMEN'S TALK. The event...


2019 SWITCHBACK FILM Rosina is a child of the winter through and through. She is less involved in competitions but rather known for her casual style in the ski film productions of the Innsbruck crew el.Makrell or dancing through the snow with the Swedish crew "The Bunch". Also you may know her by her success:...


2019 SKIJIMI FILM Three girls, always hungry for new adventures, exploring the wilderness of Albania and Kosovo on skis. You can expect untracked runs, great couloirs and a special culture when going to the east. As one of the first girls up in those mountains, they show you why you should immediately book your flight tickets...


2019 WILD AT HEART FILM We don’t want to focus only on riding steepest faces, discovering hidden places, biking the hardest trails or climbing the highest peaks, but rather on connecting and showcasing females with a genuine passion for outdoor sports and love for nature. So that's why we are not any different than you....


2019 UMSCHWUNG FILM After the end of the 2018 winter season, professional skiers Lorraine Huber and Stefan Häusl both announced their retirement from the Freeride World Tour. Withdrawing from the competition circuit, the long-time competitors no longer have a tour stop schedule structuring their winter - a new life begins. In this short documentary, Lorraine...


2019 BERGTATT FILM Bergtatt is the result of an idea of creating a ski movie featuring some of the best freeriders from the Norwegian freeride community. We experienced that few Norwegian girls have had the chance to be featured on the big screen in Norway during FriFlyt FilmTour; a skimovie filmtour created by the leading...
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