ALIGNED, Between The Sea And The Sky is a visually stunning and emotionally charged documentary film that takes the audience on an immersive ski touring adventure in Norway’s majestic Lyngen Alps, high above the Arctic Circle. In the midst of the unspoilt wilderness, Austrian free-ride veteran Sandra Lahnsteiner-Wagner and fellow skier and mountain guide David Widauer embark on an extraordinary quest: skiing under the Northern Lights.

The film captures their raw and authentic journey as they navigate the challenges and uncertainties of Arctic weather in this remote and untouched landscape. In moments of disappointment, the protagonists’ resilience is put to the test, and their conversations become peppered with humorous sarcasm, much to the delight of the audience. All this combined makes ALIGNED a heartfelt tribute to the unwavering human spirit and the relentless pursuit of dreams.

Set against the breathtaking beauty of the Lyngen Alps, the documentary celebrates the deep connection between nature and human ambition, igniting a sense of wonder and inspiration in the hearts of viewers. While ALIGNED is packed with incredibly beautiful imagery, it reminds viewers that hardly anything worthwhile comes easy and must be worked hard for –even the seemingly effortless powder turn only comes after a strenuous climb.

In the latest film, #shadesofwinter also takes a new turn and introduces a male protagonist to the cast for the first time, Tyrolean David Widauer. 13 years after introducing the concept of all-female ski films –almost as long under the label Shades Winter –Sandra Lahnsteiner-Wagner demonstrates a new sense of confidence and a realignment towards showcasing both male and female athletes, while staying true to her mission of celebrating the achievements and unique personalities of women in winter sports.

Once again, the #shadesofwinter founder lives up to her reputation of seeking out multiple responsibilities to deliver best performances. As producer, director and leading cast, the certified ski guide spearheaded a dedicated team to Norway to film for Servus TV’s renowned programme, “BERGWELTEN” in winter 2023.

Given the extreme Arctic weather conditions and the challenging mountain environment, with temperatures reaching -31°C during a bivouac night and fierce winds, the production trip itself provided extensive footage that was edited into a stand-alone festival version –ALIGNED.

“Uniting all these roles is undoubtedly a multifaceted challenge, but it’s a role I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’m grateful for the unwavering trust and support of my team, sponsors, and partners who are instrumental in helping me towards my goals,” explains Sandra, whose authentic and refreshing voiceover draws the audience into the adventure and blends determination, humor and passion for the mountains and skiing.

ALIGNED, Between The Sea And The Sky, is a magnificent adventure that artfully encapsulates the essence of being aligned with one’s dreams, the natural world, and the magical allure of the Northern Lights. Through triumphs and setbacks, Sandra and David’s journey illustrates the strength of human will and the serenity that comes to those who dare to travel between the sea and the sky.


Sandra Lahnsteiner-Wagner and David Widauer. 

The cast with Sandra Lahnsteiner-Wagner and David Widauer represents a notable development for #shadesofwinter as it present a film featuring a male athlete within the cast. While we had the opportunity to include men already  in our 2018 film, COUPLES, it’s important to emphasize that our current film marks a shift in focus towards showcasing both male and female athletes while staying true to our mission of celebrating the achievements and unique personalities of women in winter sports.

  • 19th October, Int. Freeride Film Festival, Capvern-Les-Bains, France
  • 19th October, IF3 Whistler ALL GIRLS online screening
  • 20th October, Bergfilmfestival Tegernsee, Germany
  • 20th October –24th December, Snowvision
  • 23-27th October, ECHO Mountain Film Festival, Scopje, Macedonia
  • 14th November, Mountainfilm Graz, Austria
  • 8th-19th November, Bergfilmfestival Salzburg, Austria
  • 21st November, Transylvania Mountain Festival, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • 17th-26th November, Torello Mountain Film Festival, Spain
  • 22nd–26th November, Bankso Film Fest
  • 9th December, IF3 Switzerland
  • 12-15th January 2024, Lookout Wild Film Festival, Chattanooga, Tennessee, US

Max Nüchtern


Red Bull Media House


Marta M. Marcuello


DoP, Maximilian Maier
Hans Hornberger
Simon Thussbas


Christoph Detschmann
Michael Kohlhofer



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