Meet awesome filmer & photographer COLLEEN GENTEMANN

Colleen Gentemann is a Canadian filmmaker and photographer based out of Revelstoke BC. She has been part of Shades of Winter productions since years.  

“This super humble women with scotish and german roots is at least as badass as the athletes she works with. She is not only a ripping skier, she skis with heavy backpacks full of camera gear, has her cameras ready almost quicker than us skiers have our skis on and on top of being a super great person that brings nothing but good vibes and smiles to a crew she adds a lot to our team with her creative mindset as filmmaker & still photographer. But there is a huge difference to us athletes – you will barely ever hear of her (and all the other amazing guys we work with.) So this blog is to change that and put Colleen into the spotlight – something that she doesn’t like to much – she prefers to hide behind all her camera gear – but we forced her to do so! :-)” . Sandra about Colleen. 

blog by Colleen Gentemann

I first met the Shades of Winter girls Evelina Nilsson, Janina Kuzma and Sandra Lahnsteiner at Monashee Powder Snowcats back in 2016.  They were filming a segment of the film BETWEEN and I was shooting photos.  It was a gorgeous bluebird day and the girls were sending a 30 foot cliff drop.  These small sweet women who I met in the lodge, turned into warriors on the slopes.  I was so impressed and inspired by the strength and power of these women, I stayed in touch with Sandra, eager for the next opportunity.





Since then I have filmed and photographed with Shades of Winter in Canada on CROSSROADS (2017) and COUPLES (2018) .  Most recently I was in Iceland with the crew for CONNECTS (2018).  Every trip is totally different but a few things are consistent.  The team that Sandra brings together is always awesome.  She knows how to surround herself with motivated and fun people. 

As a filmmaker I am always looking to create work that inspires, entertains and influences positive action. I love working with women in adventure sport.  I think the main reason for that is I admire their high level of achievement in sport and can see myself in them.  

Surrounding myself with motivated, supportive, visionary, athletic women, pushes me to find the same qualities in myself.  It’s a totally selfish interest.  I am motivated by the prospect of becoming the best possible version of myself.  Translating that inspiration through film, is the gift I can give and it is how I find fulfillment in my work.

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