Rosina is a child of the winter through and through. She is less involved in competitions but rather known for her casual style in the ski film productions of the Innsbruck crew el.Makrell or dancing through the snow with the Swedish crew “The Bunch”. Also you may know her by her success: the first woman to make it to the Level1 SuperUnknown finals.

Now she has created her own project with “Switchback”. The film isn’t just about the best moves – Rosina deals with the individual journey after the emotional impact of an injury. For some the journey is short and easy, for others steep and heavy, for others a “Switchback” ride with ups and downs.

The short film shows her own journey to trust the body and mind again. Every single turn and trick radiates more confidence and the aesthetic concept breaks with traditional ski movies.


“If I would have to describe Rosina’s skiing and way of life, it would be a big mixture of creativity, passion, fun, ambition and uniqueness. Rarely have I seen someone who puts so much heart, passion and effort into her skiing and the life she builds around it. Looking at Rosina’s style game and riding skills, you won’t find her practicing artistic pig rolls on moneybooters, but jumping them anyway with a smooth style or just the good old ‘Grätschn’. Rosi loves getting creative in any kind of terrain, from park to pow to gnarly street spots, as long as there are skis under her feet – she’s happy. It’s ROSINA FRIEDEL: a true Soulskier, HippieChild and LifeArtist, who just follows her dreams no matter what”.