Bergtatt is the result of an idea of creating a ski movie featuring some of the best freeriders from the Norwegian freeride community. We experienced that few Norwegian girls have had the chance to be featured on the big screen in Norway during FriFlyt FilmTour; a skimovie filmtour created by the leading skimagazine in Norway, FriFlyt. Our goal was therefore to make it to FriFlyt filmtour. With no prior experience with filming we set of.

Bergtatt is showing the Norwegian mountains from the perspective of three of Norway’s finest freeriding girls. It turned out that “just make a skimovie” is a pretty naive thought, and the project started without us even having a proper filmer. We soon found out that we could not do everything (ski and film) by ourselves and managed to hire some professionals. However, this film is a result of pure passion and grit. We had a rough winter with few cold days – in February there was a record breaking heat wave (!) and rain for two weeks straight. To top it off it turned out that Lisen had been dealing with an intestine bacteria which constantly drained her of energy. This turned serious when she fainted on a mountain in Romsdalen called Romsdalseggen, where one side is an almost vertical cliff down to the river bottom.

Bergtatt is dedicated to all the Norwegian female freeriders and to our community of skiers. We were missing Norwegian female skiers from the big screen and wanted to do something about that. This is what we did!


Ida Hilde Gunleiksrud
Ida always pushes herself whether its skiing FWQ competitions with a broken finger and a black eye or dominating the Norwegian Freeride Tour she always charges. Ida is a geologist who has won the Norwegian Freeride Tour 2015 and came 3rd in Nendaz Freeride FWQ 4* in 2018.

Marit Rolvsjord
Marit is the definition of a happy person, but when it comes to it she channels her focus and charges like none else. She lives in the snowy place that is Sogndal and is always claiming when she sets her run.

Lisen Strøm
Lisen is a happy person who is always cold whenever she skis. She won Bruson Freeride FWQ 3* in 2018 and is always down for a ski adventure. She lived three years in the States where she mostly ski the deep snow that is the pride of Utah. She charges when it comes to her skiing and is not afraid to have a crash or two.

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