A Winter Affair – PEACE MOUNTAIN


Janina Kuzma and Evelina Nilsson embark on the most epic adventure of their lives on a ski trip that no one has ever attempted, to ski Mount Hermon, a mountain situated on the boarder between three countries, Israel, Lebanon and Syria. With the countries still officially at war, the Syrian capital only 40 kilometers and Lebanon a snowball throw away, Janina and Evelina cross boarders to attempt to ski this iconic mountain from all neighboring countries. They are confronted with militray soldires on patrol on both sides of the boarder as they brave the threat of soaring missiles in hope to ski in peace across the borders.


Janina is known for her versatile skills as a freeskier. She has experience in competing as an Olympic athlete in the halfpipe events as well as a big mountain skier. What she is also known for is that she is following the winter through the hemispheres. Further she already starred in many skifilms which she now put to the next level by producing her own. Find out about her two new projects “EAST WEST” and “PEACE MOUNTAIN”.

Evelina wishes to connect and unite through the expression of skiing. Through her career skiing has taken on a lot of different forms, from competing on the Freeride World Tour to filming for Shades of Winter and The North Face. It does not matter what form skiing takes on, it is about the essence it brings to us, the reminder of what we truly are and how we can align to our highest potential. Evelina´s role in the Middle East was simply to be herself and to embrace the adventure with an open heart, devoted to be an expression of unconditional love.





New Zealand

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