FilmFest 2020

#SHADESofwinter’s roadmap to its 3rd FilmFest tour
– unfortunately not for 2020 – but we’ll see you in fall 2021.

Successfully growing from 5 to 9 event locations in 5 different countries for its second edition in fall 2019, autumn 2020 was supposed to see an even better version of the #SHADESofwinter FilmFest tour.

“I’ve a hard time to accept a NO, I always try to find a way around a problem” so founder Sandra Lahnsteiner about the decision that didn’t come easy for her. But the constant changes and unpredictable regulations due to the coronavirus pandemie forced Sandra to make the call. “I’ve considered to launch the FilmFest online and create a digital event, it’s for sure a great way to stay connected and inspired. But – the way I vision the FilmFest and fueled with the amazing experiences we all shared while international athletes and filmmakers traveled together for the events, connected with the audience and inspired each other for new stories and projects was just so unique and beautiful. So I hope we can continue with this format next year.”

A detailed plan including opportunities to join a scholarship program and more will be unveiled before winter 2020/21.