More and more people fall in love with the mountains – no matter if they are born in the alps or come from the lowlands or live in the city. Studies show, is this love once inflamed, it lasts forever. Katharina Kestler has always been a child of the mountains. In the past her parents always took her to the mountains, even though she preferred the ocean sometimes.

Today it’s the other way round: She dreams of a window to the mountains and nearly made this dream come true as owner of a hut in the alps. In the end she decided to not quit her job as a journalist and move to the alps, but she spends every weekend, her whole spare time in the mountains – no matter if summer or winter, no matter if with her mountainbike, the hiking boots or the freeride skis. Why does she always have to hike or pedal up? Why is she getting nervous, if she is not standing on a peak for two weeks? What is the secret behind this huge appeal, that mountains have to so many people? How can it be, that this fascination connects so many people, even though their individual motivations are as different as the people themselves?

#shadesofwinter filmfest shows a part of the whole documentary: Katharina takes her mountainbike and two women of the “Munich Mountain Girls” Community to the mountains for a bike ride. The girls have fun on the trails and discuss, what they personally enjoy in the mountains – and if there is a difference between female and male mountainlove. “Munich Mountain Girls” is a Munich based community, which connects female mountain lovers and empowers women, to just go out and live their dreams.


Katharina Kestler, 38 years old, journalist, feminist and gravity lover – no matter if skis or bikes, uphill is mandatory, downhill is the real fun.

Meike Wingenroth, 33, marketing and brand specialist, cyclist for lots of fun, baller by heart, mountain girl by soul – moves to feel alive and pauses to do the same.

Marta Sobczyszyn, 34, sports marketing specialist, pretty much into fashion and the alpine lifestyle. Skier, biker and a huge lover of the outdoors.  

Christine Prechsl, 34, founder of the Munich Mountain Girls, digital consultant, coach and therapist, runner, cyclist and outdoor woman – loves beeing in the mountains to connect with nature and just be.







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